Personal Motto/Mission

Live my life to the fullest, to see "problems" as learning tools to become a better person. You never know who you can allow to lean on you because you have been there done that.

I will NOT settle for mediocrity in my life, and plan to leave a legacy for my kids!

This is a ever changing Motto/Mission as I see fit! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

~~Who: What: Where: When: How~~


Hello, My name is Melissa Smith and I was motivated by my sister (Amy) to start a blog.
I am not the most eloquent writer but get over it!! :)

I am 31 years and old happily married (to Alan) with 3 kids Zack (15) Griffyn (8) Sydney (3).  I woke up one day and was living in this strange life, as an adult with kids and responsibilities.  Life happens so fast one day you are wishing you were older then you are (much older)!  This year I really looked at my life and wanted to make some changes.  Recently I lost 50 lbs and felt great about it, I was biking daily and really proud of myself...then I gained ALL 50 back and feel really crappy about it!  So here I am ready and willing to make a change.  I have set some goals in 2011 and have not been fairing so well.  Part of my issues is accountability hence the blog.  I am a recent vegetarian, which some people think this will not last..  I can't really say but it has caused me to explore food more and I am very disturbed by ALL the things we eat that have meat and "other" ingredients in it and we don't even know!     

2011 Goals
Read a book a month
Run a 5K (I hate running!! :)
Wake up happy everyday glad to be alive
Cherish, embrace and remember my kids are a blessing (even on the rough days)
Read to my kids every-night (I mean really what is 10 minutes a night with each kid?) (why does this seem like a task)
Write to our sponsor child once a month
Write a note (snail mail) to someone I love once a month
Do something surprising for my husband once a week 
Save more money, stop spending so much
Buy a Kayak and use it!!

WOW we are more then half way through the year and I am being defeated by my goals, the only one I can say I am doing is reading one book a month! Ugh!!!

Today I am getting back on track!!

I started couch to 5k program today with a goal of being able to run a 5 k in Sept to be exact I found one on Sept 24th which is my sisters B-day! :)

I will not let excuses get in my way any more!  I want more out of life, this life is short and I don't want to waste anytime making excuses or wishing I did something different.

I would also like to include my food journal in my blog so I can hold myself accountable, 100% honesty all the time no changing portions, or excluding foods.  I want to be transparent to my followers I am ready to say what size I wear and how much I weigh (my husband does not even know) because this will be a thing of the past I WILL NEVER weigh this much again!!  EVER!!  So here it is me exposed

220 lbs 7/25/2011
Size 18 (sometimes 20) and XL shirts!!
My Calculated BMI is: 32.5 which means I am Obese!!!

I will post more later with my food blog!  :)

Cheers and always do what you believe in!!  

~Food Log 7/26/2011~
Breakfast (1 Item)
FRIGO String Cheese, Light2  120
BREADSMITH BAKERY Bread, White, Honey1 slice(s)90
MORNINGSTAR FARMS Asian Veggie Patty 100
Watermelon 2 cup(s)
DAVID Sunflower Kernels 0.02 cup(s) 15
Squash, Summer, Zucchini 52
MISSION Medium/Soft Taco Whole Wheat Tortillas 130
Pasta Salad 1 cup(s) 250
Beer, Light 12 fluid ounce(s) 103
KASHI GOLEAN Crunch! Cereal, Honey Almond Flax 0.7 cup(s) 140
Daily Summary
Budget     2,000
Consumed 1,340
Over /Under     Total: -959

Not a bad day but not a great day I was hungry!